Premature ejaculation, a common yet often misunderstood challenge in men's sexual health, affects 1 in 3 men at some point in their lives. While it may be a sensitive topic, it's crucial to know that practical and effective solutions exist. Among these, specific exercises for premature ejaculation have proven to be a perfect tool for improving control and confidence in intimacy. 

This article provides a detailed guide on effective exercises that, combined with our solution MYHIXEL Control, will help you understand the physical and psychological aspects related to climax and put an end to this condition. The exercises are diverse and focus on aspects such as breathing, relaxation, including Kegel exercises and self-control methods during masturbation. 

Explore with us various supplements that, combined with our cognitive-behavioral therapy, have helped many men improve their sexual lives. These improvement exercises for premature ejaculation not only contribute to better control but also promote a better understanding of your own body and encourage a deeper connection during relationships, both in stable partnerships and occasional encounters. 

If you're looking for ways to address this concern and enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual life, keep reading to discover techniques that, along with MYHIXEL Control, can positively and consistently transform your sexual experience.



Addressing this matter requires a multidimensional approach, and breathing and relaxation techniques are crucial exercises in this process. These practices not only enhance ejaculatory control but also reduce anxiety associated with sexual performance. Engaging in such complementary exercises will help you see results more quickly.

Deep breathing exercises: A fundamental tool to consider

Deep breathing is an exercise that can assist in managing premature ejaculation. By focusing on inhaling and exhaling in a controlled manner, deep relaxation is achieved, significantly reducing tension. This type of breathing, centered on filling the abdomen and then releasing the air slowly, helps to center the mind and alleviate stress, which is crucial during sexual encounters.

Meditation and muscle relaxation exercises for premature ejaculation

Muscle relaxation exercises are valuable supplements in the treatment of premature ejaculation. These techniques help calm the mind and reduce body tension, two factors that can influence climax control. Incorporating guided meditation sessions and yoga into your daily routine can strengthen the ability to stay calm and focused during sexual activity.

Incorporating breath into intimacy

Including breathing exercises during intimacy can make a significant difference. By synchronizing breathing with your partner, not only can you improve control over premature ejaculation, but you also enhance emotional connection. This joint breathing exercise during intercourse is an effective way to build intimacy and enhance the sexual experience for both partners.


Kegel exercises have been established as one of the most effective complementary aids in the treatment of premature ejaculation. These exercises, which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, not only enhance sexual health but also offer more efficient control over climax, serving as a supplementary technique to the solution provided by MYHIXEL.

How to perform Kegel Exercises for addressing Premature Ejaculation

To correctly perform Kegel exercises, it is crucial to identify the right muscles. A simple way to do this is to place your hand in the perineal area and try to contract and relax the anal muscle. Once identified, the technique involves recurrently contracting these muscles, holding the contraction for a few seconds, and then relaxing them. It is important to focus on the pelvic floor muscles, avoiding tension in the abdominal, gluteal, or thigh muscles.

Frequency and Regularity

For optimal results, these exercises should be performed regularly. It is recommended to do several sets each day, each with a specific number of repetitions. Just like with the MYHIXEL method, consistency is key: positive effects, such as increased control over climax, are observed over time with continuous practice.

Integration of Kegel Exercises into MYHIXEL Therapy

Although their effectiveness on its own may be limited, incorporating Kegel exercises into the cognitive-behavioral therapy offered by MYHIXEL will help expedite the improvement process. Whether at work, during commutes, or while watching television, dedicating a few minutes to these exercises against premature ejaculation can make a significant difference in managing this concern. You can find specific information in our article on Kegel exercises.


Self-control strategies during masturbation are essential components in the set of exercises for treating premature ejaculation. These methods not only improve the duration of sexual activity but also increase awareness of one's own body reactions and sensations, which is crucial for those seeking better control. Some of these strategies include:

Start-Stop Technique during Masturbation

A popular self-control technique is the "Start-Stop" method. During masturbation, it is recommended to reach the edge of orgasm and then stop all stimulation before reaching climax. This pause allows the excitement to decrease before resuming masturbation. Repeating this process several times helps better understand the point of no return and increases control over ejaculation.

Squeeze Method

Another effective exercise is the "Squeeze" method. It involves applying pressure at the base of the penis or just below the glans just before orgasm. This technique temporarily interrupts the ejaculatory impulse and can be a useful exercise to prolong the duration of sexual activity.

Regular Practice and Normalization of Relationships

The key to success with these strategies is consistency and regular practice. Integrating these techniques into the regular masturbation routine can lead to better control during sexual relationships, helping to alleviate premature ejaculation through these exercises.


In conclusion, whenever possible, reinforcing the connection within a couple is crucial when addressing this concern. Esta condición no solo afecta al individuo, sino también a la relación. This condition not only impacts the individual but also the relationship. Involving the partner in exercises and strategies to manage premature ejaculation can be incredibly beneficial for both the treatment and the relationship itself.

Keep an open communication

Open and honest communication is essential. Discussing premature ejaculation may be uncomfortable, but addressing the issue directly can alleviate anxiety and foster mutual support. Weighing expectations, fears, and desires transparently helps create an atmosphere of understanding and collaboration.

Couple exercises

Practicing specific exercises together can be highly effective. For example, the "Start-Stop" method and the "Squeeze" technique can be performed during sexual encounters. These exercises not only improve control over climax but also promote intimacy and mutual understanding.

Working towards a solution requires a multifaceted approach that goes beyond simple physical and psychological techniques. Incorporating additional communication strategies, exercises, self-control techniques, and relaxation not only helps effectively manage this condition but also strengthens the connection in intimacy.

This shared journey towards managing premature ejaculation can be a valuable opportunity to explore and enrich both individual and couple experiences. With patience, understanding, and dedication, both partners can transform this challenge into a path towards a more satisfying sexual life and a stronger, more connected relationship. Remember that support, empathy, and teamwork are crucial in any aspect of a relationship, including overcoming sexual challenges like premature ejaculation.


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